Melanie Lark Design offers full service interior design services across the Main Line and Philadelphia suburbs.

Based out of Lark Ryan Studio in West Chester, PA, Melanie’s projects range from updating just one room, to renovating an entire house.

Melanie was a pleasure to work with. I loved the paint she recommended as well as the other ideas she gave me. Since I had the equivalent of a day to work with she made the most of every minute… She gave me wonderful ideas, things I would not have thought of myself.


I have never worked with a designer before working with Melanie this past year and my experience was very enjoyable. She has a set fee for her design services … I like this model as I did not have to “watch the clock” every time we talked/met. Melanie is very generous with her time and really wants her customer to be satisfied.

Melanie has great ideas and taste but what most impressed me about Melanie is how well she listens and incorporates the wants and needs of the whole family in her design. I had a fairly good idea what I wanted to accomplish in my design project, but the end result far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I am living in a home pictured in House Beautiful!


We walked through the house and created a plan for each room’s colors. Once everything was painted, I needed some assistance on the placement of the art and other decorations on tables and bookshelves. She also assisted me in hanging a series of intricate plates and gave me ideas for how to put the final touches on the room. Working with Melanie gave me confidence in decorating my new home.


Hire her. You’ll thank me later! Melanie was exactly what I was looking for – I wanted someone who understood me & could see clearly what would work for me. She had ideas I would never have thought of. And when I had an idea that wasn’t great, she explained why (without making me feel stupid!) One of the things I love about her is how excited she would get when the room was really starting to come together – like when she found the perfect rug. It’s adorable how happy she is for you! My living room is nicer than I ever imagined and it’s all because of Melanie. She also helped me decorate my former photo studio & it looked so modern and inviting. She really knows her stuff!